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Corporal Punishment

One of my personal favourite areas of BDSM

Corporal Punishment With Mistress Lady Valeska


I cater for a myriad of CP fantasies, as wide as your imagination dares to venture as those lucky enough to be under my hand will discover.

Whether you’re a pain virgin or a pain slut, the “how much and how hard” is your choice (although I love to be given no limit, ultimate control).  For novices who are CP curious at the lower end of the pain spectrum, I’d love to initiate you – perhaps starting with some impact play in the form of an over-the knee hand spanking or a sensuous whipping under the lengths of a soft suede flogger. And once you’re hooked within the heady realm under my control, we can enjoy your progression through to more intense experiences. For those of you who prefer a heavier session, I cater for all tastes – whipping, beating, and caning with a wonderful array of specific implements, all wielded by my professional, experienced hand.

Bring me your submissive fantasies, be the masochist you truly are, and I will help you explore the depths of your depravity and teeter off the edge of your outer limits; I guarantee that when you submit to my hand and let me unfurl my sadistic self, you’ll experience an endorphin rush like no other. I love to see the marks of my labour, to see my willing victims squirm in a mix of pain and pleasure, to see skin deepen in colour as your welts bloom red.

Rest assured, although I crave pushing boundaries, my arena is always a safe Kink Haven, an environment where trust is the key to a successful and rewarding session.

So you’ve come this far and want to find out more about my brand of Corporal Punishment… here are some typical FAQs:

Who is a Corporal Punishment session for?

My clients come from all walks of life, and reflect the diversity that wonderful  humankind comprises! For some, coming to me is an antidote to their structured, ordered lives where they can express a darker private desire and find a much needed release from normality. Or perhaps, someone with burgeoning desire to fulfil a long felt fantasy that has played in the corners of their imagination. Other clients might be experienced players, active on the BDSM scene who enjoy spoiling themselves with a professional CP session.

Being a strong female with an appetite for sadism, corporal punishment presses all my buttons. Although I do have a warm side, for me, creating pain is like creating a music composition or painting a beautiful picture. The more extreme the scenario, the more I enjoy it.

I welcome both new and seasoned players so whether your headspace seeks role play, degradation as my session submissive or just a harsh dose of discipline, it gives me pleasure to tailor make each session to reflect your unique desires. For repeat clients, their lies the potential to expand boundaries and explore your desires at a deeper level as our interaction develops.

Duration of a CP session

Typically, I recommend a minimum of one hour for the first session as this allows me to understand and explore your limits, increasing to 90 minutes or more if any additional service are craved, so be sure to see my full list of kink/fetish services. I believe that part of a successful session lies in timing. I like to have the opportunity to build up a scene slowly and pace, to allow clients to acclimatise to pain and to process the sensation. There’s something ethereal in watching clients gradually connect with their innermost desires.

Session Location

I have a private dungeon space in south London that I call my Kink Haven. I also have access to other dungeon spaces which would incur an extra charge as would travel outside London and hotel bookings. Location can be discussed and agreed at the booking stage.

Equipment Range

When using my private dungeon space to session, you will have access to a St Andrew’s cross, a cage/bench, and a restraint chair as well as a ceiling bar. In terms of impact implements, I own a selection of whips, paddles, canes and floggers as well as restraints and cuffs, but if you have your own favourite selection, I’m happy to oblige as long as I decide that they hurt adequately!

As you can see from my site content on my home page, another of my big fetish loves is latex and I own a shiny selection of garments and play accessories. I do take outfit requests but my usual guise is latex Mistress.  Visit my latex session section to find out more about what I have and how that might complement your CP session.

Rubber mistress corporal punishment

And finally, the (not so) secret desires of Lady Valeska...

I adore power play and setting up/enacting the dynamics of dominant/submissive within a CP framework. Nothing is as rewarding as creating a perfect sissy or latex gimp in the thralls of me, witnessing your humiliation and seeing you free fall into the zen of helpless sub space where you are bound and helpless under my control.

As a true sadist I’m looking for the adventurous and pain tolerant masochists out there to try out a spot of hard caning… could that be you?
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