Often known simply as CP, a corporal punishment fetish is a delicious and delightful fetish that more people than you might think love on a regular basis.

If you have ever fantasied about having a gorgeous dominatrix take you in hand and deliver some serious punishment for your sexual pleasure then you are in the right place. Whether you are a complete newcomer to CP or a well-practiced pain slut there are always questions that you might want answers to but were too afraid to ask out loud.

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Corporal Punishment FAQ’s

Whether you have your own depraved fantasies that you want to play out, or want an experienced dominatrix to show you the way, there are always some common questions that crop up when it comes to CP.

So, let’s take the basics first and ask: What is a Corporal Punishment Fetish?

The Basics: A corporal punishment fetish is enjoying the physical pain and release from having a dominatrix deliver a range of physical punishments to your body. This delicious and popular fetish can involve any kind of CP fantasy you can think of but normally includes discipline and pain play such as spanking, whipping, paddling. The power play dynamic in Corporal Punishment is one of the things that makes this fetish so tantalising and keeps submissives coming back for more and more. While spanking, whipping, and paddling are the basics, these can be incredible as a sharp dose of discipline or expanded upon to fulfil a complete role play CP fantasy.

What’s Included in CP Play?

What can be included by a skilled dominatrix like Lady Valeska is only limited by your imagination however here are some of the most common forms of Corporal Punishment play.

Spanking: This is one of the most common activities within this fetish. It involves striking the buttocks with an open hand or an implement, such as a paddle, crop, or flogger, to create a nice thwacking sound and an electric feeling.

Whipping and Flogging: These activities involve using various types of whips or floggers to strike the body, resulting in a mix of pain and pleasure sensations throughout your body.

Caning: Caning involves using a cane or similar implement to strike the buttocks, thighs, or other parts of the body. It can vary in intensity, from light to more intense sensations.

Paddling: Paddling typically involves using a paddle to strike the buttocks or other body parts, generating sensations that can range from gentle to intense.

CP Roleplay: Adding an element of roleplay can take a classic CP session to a few hours of fantasy. Discuss with your dominatrix your innermost desires and then let go and enjoy the world she will create for you.

CP Power Dynamics: The fetish can also involve power exchange dynamics, and this can be classic dom & sub relationship or a more degrading experience depending on what you like.

Use of Dungeon Equipment: Kink Haven is a well-equipped space with a range of CP and BDSM furniture, tools, and toys and all can be used for your CP experience.

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What if I Want to Stop or Slow Down During the Session?

Ensure you are safe and enjoying the aspects of your Corporal Punishment experience is a key factor in good CP play. As a professional and experienced dominatrix, Lady Valeska will be able to ready you body, hear your moans and act appropriately to increase your pleasure. If you want to slow the session and have a check in then you can use the word yellow and to stop immediately use the word red. Simple, sane, safe, and consensual is the basis on which CP happens.

Do I Have to Have Experience Before I Book

If you are lucky enough to get a booking with Lady Valeska then you will be pleased to know that she accepts complete novices to the BDSM and CP world along with experienced pain sluts.

Can I Add Other Fetishes?

Corporal Punishment is an experience all on its own but if you want to add more experiences to your time with a professional Dominatrix then you discuss this at the time of booking to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your experience.

Exploring and experiencing a corporal punishment fetish is a pleasure and a release for those who love it. From simple spankings to elaborate role plays, from beginners to experienced there is no better way to explore your depraved fantasies than serving Lady Valeska.

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