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I have impeccable standards

Domestic Servitude Sessions with Mistress Lady Valeska


The impeccable standards required by me, Lady Valeska, for domestic servitude and submission, are only for the seriously committed. Worthless, work-shy flakes may not apply unless you’re prepared for a world of humiliation in return for your laziness. When you elect to spend time in my domestic servitude, you sign up for reaching  my level of perfection, without a murmur, without rights, without entitlement to any pleasure unless I deem fit.

I’m sure you have taken the trouble to peruse my website, and you are intelligent enough to begin to be worthy of my time and company. You might have absorbed the idea that I am scrupulous in my expectations. I’m as unique inside as the way I look on the outside. Never underestimate me or try to put me in a box or you might find yourself in a nice tight-fitting one yourself! I enjoy spending time in my personal sanctuary at home, within my Kink Haven. I have all the accoutrements for restraint and punishment if ever you fail at pleasing me.

I’m always looking for the perfect slave or sissy to mould to my elite specification. It’s unlikely you’ll ever reach this echelon of perfection but who knows, you might enjoy trying. I expect only the best because I am worth it. Let me help you navigate what this might entail.

The ideal submissive

Let’s start with my range of clientele – I welcome both newbies to train up and those with a history of experience in this genre of submission. I should point out at this stage that I take servitude seriously and so should you. You can expect to be instructed in the high level of protocol that I set and I will not tolerate anything less. There lies an opportunity to excel in pleasing me and if you become a regular submissive, you’ll discover that it’s not a role to underestimate. Your goal is to make me happy, to satisfy every whim whilst in my service and for the lucky few who manage to achieve that goal, I may be harsh but I also know how to reward!

Lady Valeska London Dominatrix with heels

Perhaps you’ve had a nagging urge to surrender all control and escape the confines of your ordinary life and revel in serving an illustrious lady like me? Maybe you’ve fantasised in private whilst secretly slipping on your partner’s panties, about casting off the semblance of your maleness and transforming into the pathetic sissy that you want to be? Or are you a cocky “experienced” servile who I can knock off his pedestal when you fail to meet my exacting protocol. I do love bringing you obliging lesser mortals down a peg or two. Preferably painfully with a device clamped tight to your dainty insignificant nipples as I watch you squirm.

I’m looking for those with the potential to please and pamper me at home in various scenarios.  I offer a range of servitude sessions, here are some little tasters of what you could sample at my Kink Haven.

How you would serve your Mistress

Imagine the honour of being able to wait on me hand and foot. Your naked body with just an apron to cover your modesty. It barely disguises a securely locked cock cage to stop your arousal against the fabric as you busy yourself around the kitchen preparing me a meal fit for a queen. Serving me and being fed scraps from my plate. Or maybe lying beneath the table waiting for anything I deem fit to spit out into your wide open mouth. Later, you draw me a deep bubble bath and keep me topped up with tribute champagne as you wash my beautiful feet, toe by painted toe.

If you have a penchant for cross-dressing, or dream of forced feminisation, I look forward to you being my girly girl, my sissy maid, all dressed up in frills and heels, your lacy knickers hugging your bottom and peeping out beneath your skirt, ready to bend over and have them pulled down as you receive my beating when you displease me.

Dress to impress me

I expect those who serve me to be kitted out in the proper attire whatever your fantasy alter ego might crave. I’m stricter than the worst Headmistress you can imagine so make sure your uniform is always correct and impeccable when in my service. No deviation of my standards will be tolerated and you will be instructed in full upon booking.

London UK Mistress with submissive collar


Being the latex aficionado that I am, I welcome latex clad clients either in total enclosure or just a latex hood with a nice snug ball gag thrown in for good measure. Silence as well as competence is surely a virtue in any domestic slave?

Domestic Service Session Special Offer

Whether new to the lifestyle or experienced I have decided to offer a Domestic Service Special for those of you that want a taste of what it is like to be my domestic slave. This special caters to someone that is looking to experience service as well as play in my chambers and get a taste of what it is like to be my domestic slave, but are not able to commit to a full day, week or lifetime. This special is for 90 min and at a discouted rate of £300. Include discount code DOM in your contact form when booking. During this time you will perform tasks that I require done around my chambers, and also get some play time with me based on what your kinks are. Do be aware that no strap-on play will happen during this time, but all other play is allowed. This is your opportunity for proper domestic training to be the best submissive you can be for your Mistress, an occasion not to be missed.

Role Play

I also cater for adult baby/diaper lovers and mommy/child role play scenarios. Once again, my expectation would be that you are dressed appropriately and provide the necessary items for the session. I do have some clothing to dress you up in, but it best for you to have your own attire that fits you properly.

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