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Professional Dominatrix in London

Professional London Dominatrix Lady Valeska


Welcome to the world of London’s professional Dominatrix Lady Valeska.

I am Lady Valeska, a highly educated and ambitious Domina who calls London, UK home, but originally from Toronto, Canada. With my 6 years in London, I have come to love the vibrant kinky community this city has to offer. Not only do I thrive as a experienced professional Dominatrix, but I also actively participate in kink events and lifestyle in both London and globally.

Dominance is more than just a hobby for me; it is an integral part of my identity. With over 9 years of experience, BDSM has become an art form for me. The catharsis that comes with exploring different forms of kink fascinates me, and I revel in the structure that D/s protocol brings. I admire and take pleasure in fulfilling the deep-seated desires hidden within every submissive. My approach can range from nurturing to sadistic, and I enjoy the balance between the two. What truly satisfies me is the intimate connection that can be forged through play and other interactions – whether it elicits tears, whimpers or laughter. To me, embracing kink allows one to better understand and accept themselves.

As much as I am immersed in kink, there is more to me than just that. I am also a lover of music, a dog parent, an outdoor enthusiast, and someone who enjoys good food. Additionally, I dabble in fetish modeling.

Having established myself as a Mistress in London, I am fortunate to have endless options in this amazing city when it comes to indulging and exploring my passions. However, my wanderlust often takes me beyond these borders as well. Being an avid traveler, I frequently journey around the world to experience all that the kink community has to offer.

My private playspace – known as my Kink Haven – is conveniently located in south London for real-time sessions. Equipped with a wide array of toys and equipment, it is the perfect haven for those seeking a London Mistress. Check out my dedicated playspace page to see the extensive list and photos of everything at your disposal.

I offer both in-person and online/distance Domination services. Whichever you chose to indulge in, by the end of our time together, I will have conquered not only your body but also your mind – leaving you yearning for more. Still curious to learn more about Lady Valeska? I suggest taking a look at my Journal page where I have a wide selection of blog entries and you can get to know me a bit better to decide if I am the right Dominatrix for you.

Ready to dive in? Excellent! Though I am well-versed in various kinks, I specialize in four which are detailed below:

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