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Pretty Little Thing: Lady Valeska’s love for sissies

I do love playing with sissies! After rubber gimps they are probably My most favourite thing to play with. I especially like how there is a mutual appreciation between a submissive and Myself of getting all dressed up as I generally find that sissies truly enjoy the process of the transformation. The combination of some humiliation as well as it being erotic and sensual. Watching a man turn into a sissy is very delightful for Me, I love to dress up My playthings into their true form making them more capable and comfortable to be their slutty self.

Beginner sissies have their own uniqueness, I enjoy popping all their cherries. Their first anal play, first cock, first dress up, first make up application, first being told how pretty they are, first outfit purchase, first curtesy, the list goes on. Timid but also so excited to be finally fulfilling their fantasies. It is watching a sissy slowly blossom, and it is beautiful. Usually coming from a background where it is shameful to relish the more ‘feminine’ aspects of one’s self. I take pleasure in providing an accepting and open environment that allows someone to feel comfortable being a sissy. Wanting to get away from the more ‘masculine’ roles that they usually live in, My Kink Haven is a cathartic place to be able to enjoy kinky perversions.  


Then there is the other side of the spectrum, the experienced sissy, the one with all the toys and all the clothing just wanting to be pushed further and explore more and more of themselves. I rejoice in playing with an experienced sissy, they are so passionate about their kink. Very particular about the products they use or the clothing they wear. They have it down to an art form that I rejoice to share with them, it is like getting together with ‘one of the girls’. The light in their eye and the spark that becomes ignited, showing off their clothing, shoes and make up or demonstrating their expert cock sucking skills.


Beginner or advanced I generally find that most sissy’s want acceptance and connection, and of course some cock in their mouth. If you identify with the shame that can be associated with this realm of kink I encourage you to read My Shameful Slut blog. Lady Valeska welcomes all forms of pretty sissies with their mouths and holes wide open. Now don’t think it is all pleasure with Me at the wheel, I am going to need to lock that little clitty of yours up so that you don’t get too aroused during our playtime. It is such fun to tease and torment you while you are locked up; Mistress controls that clit of yours while you are in that pretty dress and heels. 

Sissy Gag Mistress

I also take pleasure in the more taboo side of sissy play that spills into ABDL play. I enjoy role playing as Mommy looks after her son or daughter. Diapered and restrained for Mommy to take advantage of Her little one in any predicament She chooses. Unfortunately this kink is even considered taboo amongst even the most open minded kinksters. But I feel if those involved are consenting adults and they have discussed interests and boundaries with open communication, then that is the perfect environment to indulge and explore. 


There is such a wide world of sissydom for all walks of life to partake and enjoy in and there should be no room for embarrassment. Embrace your feminine side, put on that dress, get those lips ready for some serious work, practice your courtesies and submit to Lady Valeska.

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