Lady Valeska

The Beauty of Submitting to Mistress Lady Valeska

I am often told by the people I play with, as well as the people that watch me play, that I smile a lot during a scene.

I do find it amusing that so many people are surprised by my smile. What isn’t there to smile about?

Indulging in kink and play is a wonderfully cathartic experience. It is literally called play, and shouldn’t play be fun?

Enjoying a scene with those involved, whether it be one on one with a submissive, with another Mistress and a submissive or multiple Dominatrixes and submissives, enjoyment should be one of your first priorities. If we aren’t all having fun then what is the point? Even the most sadistic and strict of scenes should produce some form of enjoyment and perhaps laughter.

When playing with Lady Valeska you’re pretty much guaranteed to laugh/smile at some point. That being said, there may also be some crying, whimpering or screaming involved as well. That is just all part of the wonderful world of kink, experiencing a plethora of emotions/feelings as well as sensations and it is so gratifying. Well from my viewpoint anyways and that is what ultimately matters isn’t it?

Making your Mistress happy.

And if you are really lucky and make me happy, I might even let you have an orgasm to enjoy.

Communicating thoroughly and being fully present while letting go of control is the best way to get your full experience of submission during a scene with a Dominatrix. Not a lot to ask is it?

Of course it is! It is a tremendous amount of vulnerability given from the submissive and I cherish and honor that. Vulnerability is difficult for most people and I respect that. As much as I pride myself in being able to read minds and body language, communicating your needs, wants and expectations are the best way to make the most out of our time together. The more we see, play and interact with each other the stronger our relationship grows and the more fun and perversion that is had for the both of us.

Establishing a solid relationship with your Mistress is fundamental, the more trust that I have with you and you with me some truly beautiful things can come such as deeper submission. Which can give you more purpose in life, even more than wanking, if you can imagine!

Being on your knees on the floor before me is where you long to be, it feels like home and it is cathartic. Life’s responsibilities melt away and you become your truer form. Indulging in any or all of your fantasies is such an empowering and liberating experience, it becomes addictive.

And I do love to play with kink addicts, those that let go and become who they are truly meant to be whether it be for an hour, multiple hours or long term with me as their only focus.

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