Two things going on in My life have led Me to write this blog. A couple days ago it was My two year anniversary of My move to London from Toronto and secondly, with Covid-19 still being a serious issue I have had to cancel all My plans for 2020. In two days I was supposed to be going back to Toronto to visit friends and submissives, as well as visit and do all the nostalgic things I have been missing. I truly do miss Toronto so, so much. It is such a wonderful city with great people, food, kink and things to do. If you have never been I highly recommend a visit! After Toronto I was supposed to go to Fort Lauderdale to party at (what I think) is the best kink event in the world, Fetish Factory’s Florida Fetish Weekend. Unfortunately, this year is it’s last. It is such a great event with the hotel take over, a large number of latex fetishists, as well as transport to and from the venues. Those factors put it above most international events. They have rescheduled the event to September,so let’s see whether Covid-19 will allow this to happen. I had also planned on going to the epic goth event in Leipzig for Wave Gotik Treffen at the beginning of June. That event is the mecca of goth events, the people, music and location is like no other event I have ever been to. I have been 4 out of the past 5 years, and it is part of My fiber. Then in July I was to pop My burner cherry and go off to Nowhere in Spain. I was looking forward to the new people, environment and experience of attending that event. I think it is very optimistic to hope that international travel will be allowed by the fall so I am not making any plans to travel or attend events for 2020 until there is more clarity.

Part of the reason that I moved to London was to travel more. I ADORE traveling. It is part of My core. I travel with friends, solo or with My family. I enjoy laying on a beach for days or a jam-packed itinerary, I love to travel in a variety of different ways. Just before Covid-19 I did 3 intense days of filming near Cologne. I filmed with Mistress Patricia and Kinky Mistresses in a stunning dungeon (Romantik Apartment). We did such amazing scenes, it will be an experience I will never forget. And luckily our host took us around the city a little. 

A week prior to filming in Germany I was in Palm Springs for Sissy Manor. This event is a sissy’s dream, a weekend with like-minded people with near constant play and just an all-round good time. The host luckily allowed for a couple days of touring around so we got to go venture out. We even combined tourism with kink and did a photoshoot in Joshua Tree. 

In December, I went on a cruise with My Mother throughout the UAE. We stayed at a different port almost everyday. I was able to combine sunbathing with exploring mosques, and it was a truly relaxing and enjoyable trip. Dubai was incredible and wherever we visited people were extremely nice. I look forward to going there again.  In October, I decided to take a little train trip by Myself. I took trains from London to Paris, Paris to Turin and then Turin to Florence. Florence was decadent, and the food just brought it to an even more indulgent level. After a couple days there I then went from Florence to Venice, and then flew home after a couple days of exploring. In September, I did another short trip to Dublin. I had been to Dublin about 20 years ago and just for the day, so I absolutely had to go back. I did much of My exploring on foot and enjoyed every step! The Guinness Storehouse Brewery tour is a must do! Another trip I did in September was a few days in Cyprus. This trip I did again with My Mother and mostly just sat in the sun and ate lots of haloumi. 

I didn’t travel much in spring/summer of 2019 due to Me purchasing a flat in March of 2019, so only travelled for two kink events in 2019. In November, I got the opportunity to model and attend Avantgardista in Munich. I have done numerous fashion shows In Canada, but hadn’t done any since moving to, so I was chomping at the bit to get on stage. The event was wonderful as well, an absolutely gorgeous crowd and the music was stellar. I do plan to return again, hopefully when they have it in October. The last place I went to in 2019 was Berlin for German Fetish Weekend. It was My second time attending that event, I luckily was able to go with My submissive as well, so it made the party even more sinful. I was able to combine checking out some galleries and indulging in authentic cuisine with attending all the lavish parties. 

I do so look forward to getting back in the air again and exploring all the new cultures and eating amazing food. Currently, on the top of My to-do list is Russia, Malta and Scotland. Fingers crossed I will get there sooner rather than later, I want to explore!