Lady Valeska

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Eight Years as Lady Valeska

Apr 4, 2023
By Lady Valeska

I am now at the point in my career that I have spent more than half of it as a London Mistress rather than a Toronto Mistress, which feels … interesting. I still feel quite…

Return to Sessions

Jun 28, 2020
By Lady Valeska

It is the time that you all have been waiting for, I am now taking real time sessions again! I am so excited to get back to My true love of playing and having fun…

Kink Haven: Domestic Playspace

Oct 20, 2019
By Lady Valeska

you knock on the door and slowly it opens to reveal a statuesque latex clad Domina before your eyes. your knees buckle but you try to stand tall. Lady Valeska  then summons you to follow…

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