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My Newest Kink: Wet and Messy

Feb 24, 2023/ LadyValeska/ in: Entry, FemDom, Latex, My world/ with no comments

If you have been following the progression of the type of clips I have been producing lately you will have found a new kink addition, Wet and Messy Play! And I am absolutely adoring it! 

The intrigue into wet and messy play happened when I saw a picture of two women dressed in black latex catsuits with one woman feeding another woman milk from a jug. I love the look of white on black, I wear that combination myself a lot in everyday life. And of course it looks even better in latex! So I started daydreaming and I thought it would be a good clip idea. Especially with the interest of consuming cum in clips, visually, milk is just like eating cum to the extreme. Plus with it being more watery than cum and not sticky, milk feels great on latex, like water does. They are all big pluses in my book!

lady valeska wet&messy

A huge attraction to wet and messy play, for me, is the constant feeling of thick liquid being poured on you is just a wonderful feeling, especially if it is warm. It is a very comforting feeling – like taking a shower with really thick water. I find this tactile enjoyment great as a bottom and as a top. It is very satisfying to cover someone completely in liquid, to make someone messy is a delight. And while warm is great and all, pouring cold liquids on my submissive is such a thrill as I watch their body react.

The element of being dirty is such an interesting topic. Because feeling/being dirty is considered a bad thing to experience or witness, embarrassing even. Enjoying a bad feeling? Isn’t that naughty? Of course it is! So it makes it all feel ever better. We all know the emotions that go through our mind and body when it is noticed by others when we appear or are dirty. It is such a delicious feeling to lean into that, embrace and enjoy being wet and messy.

I also recognize that wet and messy play brings back child feelings/memories, which is quite a lovely feeling to get in touch with. I think it is very good and healthy for adults to stay connected to their child self; and this is a great way to do so. Everyone loved to play with slime when they were younger didn’t they? Why deny that feeling as an adult? Life is way too serious to not be surrounded by things that we enjoy. 

lady valeska wetandmessy

Having food eaten off of me is also a very erotic sensation. I also generally find consuming food a very pleasurable act. The wonderful sensations we get to experience through taste and the act of eating. And like most Mistresses, I adore being worshipped; having food eaten off of oneself is like feeling multiple kisses in one area. Of course, it must be done gingerly and carefully and not like a little piggy! 

There are so many pleasures out there with wet and messy play! I am really getting a kick out of  experiencing and learning about it and am looking forward to seeing what new kinks I have around the corner! Intrigued? Want to give it a try? Then book a session and let’s get wet and messy. 

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