A few days ago Twitter notified Me that I have now had an account for 6 years! I couldn’t believe it; what a journey it has been! So, of course, I had to write about My reflections of these past 6 years as a Dominatrix. This profession wasn’t even something that I had actively decided to pursue back in 2015. It was more an opportunity that fell into My lap, as I explained when I was featured in True North Domme’s podcast in February. And I am so thankful that I did explore the opportunity and delved deep into the world of being a Dominatrix.

I have learnt so many new skills, not only in the dungeon but also as a business Woman. When I had first started as a Dominatrix never did I think that I would be making clips, and now it is a prominent part of My repertoire. Not only do I have two clipstores (Clips4Sale and iwantclips), but I also have two membership sites (OnlyFans and AVNStars), if you are interested in a detailed look at the developments of Lady Valeska as a brand be sure to check out My year in review blog.

As a baby Domme, I started doing My domination sessions when I could while I was working a full time 9-5 job. Learning everything that I could and soaking up information like a dry sponge, though to be honest I am still like that, there is so much to learn out there! I actually still do My vanilla job as I enjoy it a lot, and it keeps Me attached to ‘regular society’. I feel that is necessary as it is very easy to get lost in the kink world. I don’t necessarily say that as a bad thing, but it’s good to have something in your life that keeps you grounded. I just now do My vanilla job casually, so both jobs have had a reversal in comparison to how I worked in 2015. Gradually over time and as My skills developed kink work took over more and more of My life and now I basically live and breath it. I am so thankful that My hardwork (and fuck has it been hard) and experiences have brought Me to where I am now. 

I have had a plethora of people that have crossed My path during My 6 years as a Mistress, some good and some bad, but regardless of their effect it has all been part of My journey and am thankful for it all. Moving to London was the best thing that I could do for Myself as a Mistress, Lady Valeska has blossomed into a rubber powerhouse. The opportunities that I have received while living here don’t even compare to what I experienced when I was in Toronto. I have now spent half of My career as a Dominatrix in London, I can truly call Myself an experienced and internationally recognized London Dominatrix. During My time in London I have played and filmed with incredible Women as well as submissives. The Women that I have befriended here have completely altered My life, and I am so thankful for their wonderful support and friendship. I also have some amazing dynamics with submissives that truly enrich My life and am honestly grateful.

Just over two years ago I decided to take the plunge and create My own domestic playspace, Kink Haven, rather than relying on dungeon rentals. I have put a lot of money and time into having a welcoming and fully equipped playspace to enjoy and delve into some wonderful perversions such as domestic service and rubber focused sessions. I actually find sessioning at My domestic playspace more enjoyable than in a dungeon, as this is My space, organized how I want and with the equipment I want. It brings a different and powerful energy to My sessions and it is one of the best decisions I have made for Myself to host real time sessions. 


Being a Dominatrix in 2021 is so much more than just what you do with your submissive in a dungeon. And during the pandemic there has been a huge shift but has been great for My brand as I have made My biggest move forward of My career, take a look at how it has been being a real time Dominatrix during the pandemic here. Now I won’t allude you, I haven’t done it all on My own, I hired a PA last summer to help with all the administrator work that is required. Eyemblacksheep has been such a rock for Me and has helped Me out tremendously. I don’t think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. 


While I speak of London like it is the best thing that has happened to Lady Valeska, Toronto still is very important to Me. It was My discovery phase, My introduction to professional Domination. It set the foundation for who I am now, and I will never forget My Toronto roots and am thankful for them. It will always have a prominent place in My heart, and can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so that I can fly back and play with My old submissives that I haven’t seen in over 2 years. I do miss you! Luckily, My Online Domination services do help Me maintain relationships and continue training for afar.

So with April being My Domme-anniversary this whole month will be a celebration of Lady Valeska! Be sure to head over to My Amazon wish list or purchase from My Gift page and send Me something to be part of your Mistress’s recognition of Her journey. Looking back it is just baffling how far I have come and am extremely thankful for My success as well as My experiences and look forward to what is to come. Will you be part of the next phase of My journey?