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Eight Years as Lady Valeska

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I am now at the point in my career that I have spent more than half of it as a London Mistress rather than a Toronto Mistress, which feels … interesting. I still feel quite rooted in my Canadian ‘ways’ and to be more of a London Dominatrix rather than a Toronto Dominatrix compelled me to reflect on the journey I have had so far as a Dominatrix for eight years. If you are a subscriber to my newsletter (if you aren’t, then you definitely should be!) then you know that I enjoy reflecting on my past. To acknowledge the difficulties and learn from them, but also to revel in the things that make my soul happy. I think that is the main theme for who I am as a Dominatrix nowadays, if it doesn’t make my soul happy then I don’t do it. While I am sure every Mistress would say this, I mean more in a deep sense. I am sure we all strive for this mentality, but don’t find we all stick to it. I don’t care about the money, hustle or fame, happiness is my driver. I think that changes how I am as a Professional Dominatrix and what I bring to the table as a professional and as well as a Dominant. 

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What makes my soul happy is connection. I much prefer playing with a submissive that is truly interested in me, my wants and interests, in and outside of kink. That is where trust and selflessness comes from a submissive and what I truly love about the Top/bottom connection. I really do enjoy giving someone a safe space where they explore themselves truly and fully. That connection is so beautiful and soothes my soul. What I am removing myself more and more from is being a sexual fantasy deliverer. While yes, I do fulfill a submissive’s sexual fantasy during play that is not the sole or major focus. And sadly, over my eight years as a Mistress I am finding that theme is becoming ever more prominent. You can read all about my opinions on that here. 

One decision I made three years back was to focus on having my sessions at my home and that was a wonderful career move as I feel so much more at home in my playspace. I have designed my playspace so that it is ideal for my playing style and of course has all the equipment I could ever need and want! Because I particularly enjoy sissy/domestic servitude play, being in my home is the ultimate environment for some cleaning and then to clip my submissive on my cross to deliver some much needed caning. And I love doing vac bed play so much that I offer a discount on that kind of play rather than increasing the cost because I have the perfect set up for it!

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The experiences I have had while here in London have been just incredible. The women I have been able to meet and work with I feel absolutely fortunate to be able to say I have. Honestly, it is baffling to see what I have accomplished in my career, it fills my heart. Also, some of the filming submissives that are here have brought my clips to another level and I am absolutely thankful for that and appreciate their submission as well as their efforts. London is a kinky city and it attracts so many kinky people, it is mind boggling sometimes. Being in London completely elevated my career, and am so thankful that I made the move. I am on so many platforms! Never would I have believed that this would happen when I first started as a Dominatrix. I remember when I said I would never have Twitter and now I have a timer on the app so I am not on it so much!

All and all, I would say that I have really matured as a Mistress since my last reflection blog. I am really looking forward to what I will get to experience in the coming years as Dominatrix Lady Valeska and I have no doubt that more kinky gimps, sissies and others will be crossing my door step into my rubber world of perversion, and I will enjoy every minute of it because it makes my soul happy.

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