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Ode to the Female Submissive

Nov 10, 2023
By Lady Valeska

Unfortunately even in the FemDom world that tries to preach anti-patriarchal views, male submissives are the focus. Overall I do understand this, as men consume pornography much more than women and pornography is how most…

Eight Years as Lady Valeska

Apr 4, 2023
By Lady Valeska

I am now at the point in my career that I have spent more than half of it as a London Mistress rather than a Toronto Mistress, which feels … interesting. I still feel quite…

Kinky Dynamics

Jan 14, 2022
By Lady Valeska

With the new year here it is a great time to reflect on our past as well as make some goals for what is to come. Last month I did a review of my 2021…

Lady Valeska’s 2021 Review

Dec 20, 2021
By Lady Valeska

  It is that time of year again, when we reflect on our past year and assess. A full year during a pandemic, I still can’t believe that this is reality. It is crazy what…

The Shameful Slut

Mar 21, 2021
By Lady Valeska

As a Dominatrix, it is not uncommon that I have a session with a submissive that feels shame about being a slut. So many people have shame about their desires and it kills Me a…

My Year with Lady Valeska

Feb 9, 2020
By Lady Valeska

i first met Lady Valeska a year ago. i had always had the urge to explore my submissive fantasies but for years i failed to act on them. Eventually i built up the courage to…

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