Written by: SubBoy Alex

latex Mistress relaxes in BDSM playspace

So, I recently had my first session with a Pro-Domme. Well, actually it was my first time playing with anyone in real life as everything I had done up to this point was just me in my bedroom. 

So to start off with the session was with Lady Valeska who I follow on Twitter and OnlyFans and she was beyond amazing. When I arrived she was dressed in a latex dress with red trim and thigh high boots which looked so stunning that my brain almost fully shut down. Luckily just enough of it was still working to get through the door and the small talk before the rest of it rebooted. 

The first thing that happened was we had a short conversation going over what I wanted to do in the session and any limits I had. This was actually really nice as it allowed me to catch my breath and get to grips with what was going to happen. 

The main things I had asked for in this session were:

– Impact play

– Bondage

– Sensory deprivation

– Breath play

I know most of these aren’t usual for a first time session, but I they were the things that I was most wanting to try and didn’t want to do by myself. 

The first thing that happened after getting naked and having a collar and cuffs put on was some boot worship. I will probably say this a lot, but it was weirdly relaxing and pleasant. Having someone to give instruction and encouragement in the moment really took it to the next level. 

Next up, I was attached to the cross and blind folded. Lady Valeska then teased me, pinched my nipples and did various other things as well. The blindfold really amped up my other senses at that point, almost to overload. She then put on some latex gloves and started to tease me some more and then did the first bit of breath play. 

Breath play had been something I had been interested in for a long time but hadn’t tried properly. From the first time she covered my mouth and nose, I knew I had found a new fetish of mine. The loss of control was an amazing experience which I look forward to having again. 

Some impact play was also done on the cross, mostly involving my balls. This was probably my least favourite part of the session as it really fucking hurt, but I guess that was kind of the point. Still, it was still a good experience to have and in no way put a downer on my enjoyment. After the cross I was told to bend over the bed and that’s when the spanking began. 

This was done with a mixture of implements, honestly I can’t remember all of them but it felt weirdly amazing. Spanking is not a thing that I have particularly been interested in but I really enjoyed the one Lady Valeska gave me. It went from a relatively gentle warm-up to what felt quite hard, but that may be just my inexperience. After that Lady Valeska asked if I wanted to get wrapped in cling film. I said yes and after the wrapping I was wearing a gas mask (a long time fantasy), wrapped up and roped down on the bed. 

For most of my life I have suffered from an over active brain and finding ways to slow it down is not always easy. Once I was wrapped up and unable to move, it was almost like my brain was put on mute and I properly zoned out. While I was wrapped up, Lady Valeska continued the breath play and teased my dick with a vibrator. The combination of these together was amazing and the restriction of the rope and wrap heightened it as well. I have no idea how long I was like this, but it felt incredible. 

To cut a long story short, thanks to the expert hands of Lady Valeska I came while wrapped up and it was one of the most intense orgasms of my life, by some distance. After that I was unwrapped and I had a shower and dressed and then had a chat about the session and how it all went. I really appreciated how she check I was feeling alright and the advice she gave me on dealing with drop that may come later. Most of this has been about me, but the sessions was made by Lady Valeska. She was amazing at helping me to get at ease at the start of the session, and managed to pace the session out so that it flowed really well. She made sure I communicated as well, telling her how I felt after each new experience and kept checking in on me. The chat at the end of the session was also really good, she managed to bring me back to reality really gently. Overall, the experience was utterly incredible and I cannot wait to session with this amazing Mistress again.

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