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How to book a session with London Dominatrix Lady Valeska

The pandemic has been arduous for us all, but now things are beginning to ease. Spring is in the air and new experiences are capable! Lockdown has recently eased in London and real time sessions are again a possibility. All the fantasizing you have been doing over the few months (or perhaps years) you can now turn into a reality. you have spent time researching and you have the perfect Dominatrix in mind, Me, London Mistress Lady Valeska. But what do you do now? How do you book a session?  How are you going to serve your Mistress safely now that Covid is a reality?


Firstly, be sure you have researched, look at My whole website and My FAQ section. Familiarize yourself with My attitude, how I conduct My play by checking out My clips on My clipstore as well as My kinks detailed on My website. I am Dominatrix that THRIVES on communication, read all about it here. Then head over to My contact form, that is the only way I schedule My bookings and be sure to answer all the questions in My contact form completely. This provides Me with all the relevant information I need and will lead to a speedier booking which makes Me wet, and you want your Mistress to be excited to play with you don’t you? Some clients will book a consultation before a real time session as a meet up and to go through any questions they might have. It is not a necessity, but it can be helpful if you feel it will make the experience better for you. Do know that I can’t spend an exhaustive amount of time through the booking process answering questions without any compensation, as unfortunately in this line of work a Dominatrix must deal with a lot of time wasters. On the topic of money, I require a 50% deposit with EVERY booking, this is non negotiable. This is to secure the work being done, but also the time and effort to prepare for the session.


Now, where would you like to enjoy our time of depravity together? I generally run My sessions through My domestic playspace, Kink Haven, in South East London in SE13. But also adore sessioning in dungeons or hotels around London (and of course anywhere else you would like Me to come to). There are a plethora of places that can be My playground, where do you want to play?



In regards to Covid and how I am staying Covid safe, I am fully vaccinated and take frequent rapid flow tests. I highly recommend that you do the same. I will be maintaining most of My protocols that were mentioned in My blog during our first lockdown ease. All 4 screening questions to be completed 24 hrs prior us meeting. I will no longer require you to have a shower when entering, just simple (yet thorough) hand washing will be required. I am now willing to be leintent in regards to you and I wearing a mask during our time together. It will be dependent on whether you are vaccinated as well as taking frequent Covid tests and am willing to discuss what you and I are both comfortable with based on our situations. I will also be open to performing blood, spit and cigarette play that was previously not allowed. I am so excited to be open to more play and I have a huge smoking fetish and have missed it so much! 


Be sure you come to the session prepared, obviously if you have never seen a Dominatrix before there is only so much preparation one can do, as it is a unique experience and it is both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I completely acknowledge and expect this. If you would like to see a first hand account from a submissive of Mine check out the blog he wrote about the first time he had ever seen a Dominatrix


On the day of the session a few pointers for you:

  • Come with an open mind. I am not here to judge you, well of course unless you want to be judged and humiliated, I will do that gladly with a smile on My face. But I am a professional and this is an open space for you to indulge and explore your perversions. 
  • Be on time, not late nor early. 
  • If you are coming for a strap on session, have an enema! Find all about how to give yourself one here, as I don’t give enemas! 
  • Enjoy yourself!


All of the above seems fairly self explanatory doesn’t it? And it really is, this is an indulgence that should be a wonderful experience for you. Take the time to prepare, get out of your head and let Me show you the way to exploring and enjoying your kinks. Curious what other Mistresses have to say about serving a Dominatrix in person? Head over the FemDom Society BlogHop and read the other entries from some wonderful Mistresses from around the world.



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