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Bound by Lady Valeska: Vacbed vs Cling Film

With My love for latex it would only be natural to enjoy binding My submissives with cling film or putting them inside My vacbed for Me to have fun with them at My will. While seemingly very similar, each provides very different experiences. A majority of My submissives have a mutual love for tight, restrictive and pleasurable bondage, so they gladly comply when I incorporate either or both into our sessions. 

I adore My full enclosure vacbed, whether it is playing with My submissives or during My personal play time. When My submissive is in My vacbed they are My helpless gimp that I get to tease, hurt and please, all wrapped up in a latex present for Me. Latex also provides a silky, soft and thin surface, so it is the closest you will get to skin to skin contact without it actually being so. If you are a latex fetishist and you haven’t been in a vacbed, it is an experience I highly recommend and you will be hooked. Are you curious what it feels like? My submissive gives you some insight … 

Vac bed latex

‘The vacbed is a simple rectangular frame wrapped in latex but leads to an out-of-this-world experience. As Lady Valeska beckons me between the latex sheets of Her full enclosure latex vacbed i slide into the vacbed, enveloped in the aroma of rubber and I find the breath hole. The first thing I notice is the darkness. It may sound simple but it is unusual to find yourself in total blackness without any outlines; any chink of light or a dim background glow. It is a totally disorientating experience. Next the vacuum starts up and takes up the slack and the rubber hugs me. It soon feels like a tight fit but somehow it just gets tighter and tighter. I get a weird sensation that I am getting sucked downwards, I am not sure if this is real or psycho-symptomatic. By now I am so disorientated I don’t know what is happening. 

Then all of a sudden I feel Lady Valeska weight push down on me pulling me back to reality.  The warmth of Her body seems to travel straight through the latex layer. Her hand runs over my body and slightly tickles. Then I realise I am completely unable to move: body, arms, legs, fingers, anything. Maybe the slightest flex like pushing against the strongest rubber band but no defence or escape against Lady Valeska’s plans.’

Another form of bondage that I enjoy using on My submissives is cling film. It is much easier to transport and use and am able to get access to My submissives body anywhere I choose to make a hole (if I even decide to do so). Like a vacbed it leaves My submissive helpless to My teasing or sadistic plans. However, it doesn’t give Me a very thin layer between My submissive and I and does take time to wrap up My submissive, both of these factors have their positives and negatives. My submissive gives some insight of what his experiences have been like in cling film with Me … 

‘Being wrapped in cling film feels surprisingly different than a vacbed. It starts off slow as Lady Valeska applies the first few thin layers. At first it seems silly how can this almost ephemeral transparent film be used for bondage. Gradually each layer ratchets up the pressure both physically and mentally as Lady Valeska grins in anticipation. Soon i realise i would be unable to escape by myself and am totally reliant on Lady Valeska.

Sometimes i am just cocooned in directly while other times I am bound to an object. When cocooned my arms are anchored tight to my body. I am still able to bend my body and i can just about manage a shuffle, however, without my arms to balance me or break my fall there is only so much movement i can do. When bound to an object there is normally a small pocket between my body and the edge of the object where I can wriggle my arms (but without much purpose). With this method my body is rigid, unable to raise my head from gazing futilely at the ceiling preventing me from seeing what is happening. Sometimes, once Lady Valeska has finished wrapping, She punctures a hole in the layers between my legs. What happens next is less predictable. Is She feeling generous and chooses to let me edge or is She feeling more evil and decides to engage in some CBT. Unable to resist, i resign myself to my fate.’

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