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My Love for Latex

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Lady Valeska Posing in latex outfit and latex corset at fetish festival

I believe My fetish for latex comes from My background as a competitive dancer and equestrian. As a child wearing a tight costume/uniform and going into a role of performing and competing, as well as being powerful; wearing latex just seemed like the next organic step to take in My life.

It goes without saying that latex is visually very stimulating and erotic for the observer. However, for the person in latex it is even better. When I first plunged into the kink scene I bought My first latex dress right away. The moment I felt the thin and tight rubber on my flesh I felt at home. As many people say it truly is second skin. It is sensual, smooth and oh so enjoyable to wear.

I enjoy the process of preparing the latex before putting it on. The process of slipping into my true form and of course enjoying a session or an evening in latex. And let’s not forget the enjoyment of the removal of it. As much as I do enjoy the texture of latex, the feeling of the release after its removal is also very enjoyable. It is almost as if I am emerging.  I encourage everyone to get lubed up and try the unique experience of wearing latex. It is like no other thing you have every worn. Careful, it may become a fetish!

One task My submissives enjoy is shining My latex. It is one of the few times that a submissive actually has the opportunity to be close to touching My body. They become mesmerized by the process and the tactile enjoyment. I have yet to meet someone that does not enjoy being shined nor shining someone in latex. It can be a very personal and erotic process for those involved.

While wearing latex I enjoy the smell and the way it hugs my curves. Whether it is completely clad or just small amounts of latex, the texture of being in latex is addicting. Especially, for Me, latex gloves and hoods/masks. I enjoy touching Myself and others in latex. Everything feels better in My latex than naked skin. Hoods gives one a lovely anonymity which can be very enjoyable in public and private settings.

So, in a nutshell, get in some latex, book a session with Me and let’s have some kinky fun together.

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