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Can you Feel it? Can you Fist it?

Mar 13, 2024
By Lady Valeska

I am so proud to say that I have finally double fisted someone! After 9 years of working as a Dominatrix I have never played with someone that has been able to handle and take…

Ode to the Female Submissive

Nov 10, 2023
By Lady Valeska

Unfortunately even in the FemDom world that tries to preach anti-patriarchal views, male submissives are the focus. Overall I do understand this, as men consume pornography much more than women and pornography is how most…

Eight Years as Lady Valeska

Apr 4, 2023
By Lady Valeska

I am now at the point in my career that I have spent more than half of it as a London Mistress rather than a Toronto Mistress, which feels … interesting. I still feel quite…

Latex Play Party

Oct 28, 2022
By Lady Valeska

Ms Hayley Bond and Lady Valeska have joined up again to offer latex fetishists a unique latex play party that isn’t being offered anywhere else in London. We did this party three years ago and…

Kinky Dynamics

Jan 14, 2022
By Lady Valeska

With the new year here it is a great time to reflect on our past as well as make some goals for what is to come. Last month I did a review of my 2021…

Lady Valeska’s 2021 Review

Dec 20, 2021
By Lady Valeska

  It is that time of year again, when we reflect on our past year and assess. A full year during a pandemic, I still can’t believe that this is reality. It is crazy what…

London Professional Mistress

Oct 1, 2021
By Lady Valeska

Along with Real Time Domination, I also love Online Domination. As you all know I’m prolific on AVNStars and Loyal Fans, My exclusive memebership sites make it easier for you to connect to Me no…

The Shameful Slut

Mar 21, 2021
By Lady Valeska

As a Dominatrix, it is not uncommon that I have a session with a submissive that feels shame about being a slut. So many people have shame about their desires and it kills Me a…

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