It has been a long standing goal of mine to work and be in a clip of the notorious English Mansion, the content that comes out of this world renowned place is epic. To be able to work with the English Mansion team has been a dream of mine and an illustrious feather in my cap to say that I have accomplished it.

We had attempted to plan a filming day about a year or so prior but with the pandemic in full swing it had to be canceled. It was so close within my grasp, but we needed to postpone. But we eventually organized a second filming day. We unfortunately started the day with multiple train cancellations due to Storm Eunice making its way through England. But we decided that the show must go on! And I am so glad that we did.

The team at English Mansion was the most professional team I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They were extremely hospitable and knew exactly what we wanted before we even did. Lots of positivity and encouragement made it a great environment to work in and create perverted magic. The location has such a variety of rooms and different set ups as well as equipment. Quite a kinky playground for a Mistress!

I was able to bring a submissive with me that I regularly work with, Rosie. Which made the experience even better having someone to work alongside that you have a good relationship with and are comfortable with. I got the pleasure of being able to meet and work with another sissy, Melissa, as well. Both are tall sissies (over 6 foot!) which I absolutely adored. Being a tall woman, it isn’t often that I am looking up at my sissies, but it is something that I am learning I have a kink for! So often it is the Mistress looking down on her submissive rather than the other way around and I find it refreshing.

During our filming day we did three major clips and one VR POV clip. It was my first time experiencing filming for a VR clip. I am accustomed to filming POV clips for my membership sites, but the VR added a different element of needing to be aware of all your surroundings rather than just what is in front of the camera. Also the camera set up is different giving a new parameter to navigate, but I welcomed the new challenge. The VR POV was done with both sissies and I, describing what I would do with my new sissy that was ever hopeful to join our group. The major clips that were filmed were a complete transformation of my partner from work clothes to full on sissy; makeup, clothing and even breasts. The second was Mistress teasing the clitty of her tied up sissy for her enjoyment with a variety of toys and even a mouth that I happen to be able to put to good use. The last was my two naughty sissies had to show their Mistress their blowjobs skills, first a little competition for me to judge and then I decided they needed to show their skills on each other. Do you think I let them cum? You will have to head to their site to find out! In the clips I wasn’t in my usual head to toe latex during the filming, but latex was definitely worn, don’t you worry, and I looked divine!

I am really proud that I am at a point in my career that I was able to accomplish this. I honestly feel like I can die a happy Woman. We all had such fun at the shoot and it looks like the team at English Mansion are interested in filming with me again. Though likely not soon as they are busy filming with so many other wonderful Mistresses and submissives, have you checked out their newest releases lately? Head over and support this trailblazing company.