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Breathplay Addiction with Lady Valeska

Jan 3, 2021/ Lady Valeska/ in: FemDom, Latex, Online/ with 2 comments

My grip gets tighter and tighter around your mouth as you stare deep into My eyes. you question whether I will let go and let you take your next breath, your chest starts to tighten and a slight panic rises up inside you. But I smile, and continue to smile to the point that a small laugh slips between My lips. It turns you on so much that I have this control over you, over your simple yet necessary air. How much you long for that release of control to someone that isn’t you, leaving every decision to your Mistress. If you could give your heart to your Mistress you would, but your lungs are the next best thing, so you do, and now this is where you find yourself. 

Breathplay Medical Mistress

Breathplay is such a joy to Me. Yes of course it is quite a ‘staple’ in the latex world and be sure to check out what a latex and sensory deprivation session would be like here. But it is just so magical having that type of power as well as trust from the other person. There is no messing around here, no breath, no life. My submissives give over complete control and trust to Me. Allowing Me to decide when they get to inhale and exhale. I have an assortment of tubes, masks and bottles to facilitate My perversion which makes it all the more fun! I also adore smoking and incorporating that in My breathplay sessions (though not a necessity). I adore playing with smoke in My mouth and that of My submissives. It is a great way to visually demonstrate giving My breath to them to inhale. There is also such an intense intimacy I have with My submissive during this type of play, very arousing for us both.

Whether I have a novice that is interested in exploring what they saw online or want to try something more extreme than their partner choking them or a seasoned kinkster that enjoys the rush of complete panic and loss of control, I want it all. I thrive off the rush and the bond of this type of play. How erect My submissive\s body gets as they get close to their limit is so enjoyable to watch and for Me to be the reason that this reaction is occurring. I can control whether to end it or prolong it, or even make it worse. 

Does this speak to you? Come experience what it is like to be under My spell and apply through My contact form. Not able to submit to Me in person? I have so many ways to be served online, take a look at My Online Dominatrix page.

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  1. Mike says:

    My first ever experience of this involved forced poppers inhalation through a rubber gas mask. An incredible experience

  2. Gregory says:

    I might visit London, England if this doesn’t get me put in Scotland Yard. I look actively for play friends in Canada.

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