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The Importance of Communication When Booking a Session

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So wonderful that you have decided to contact Me and complete My contact form to book a session. But before you press that send button – ask yourself … Have i followed the website’s instructions? Have i actually read the website? Have you given details of your kinks/boundaries to Me? Are you being honest (with yourself and Me) about what you can truly handle during a session? If you have answered No to any of these questions – you need to reevaluate how seriously I will take you or if I will even reply to your email.

Honestly. Just read the website. Don’t be lazy. Do you want Me to be lazy during our scene? THEN READ THE WEBSITE!

Trust is needed from both parties when in a scene. Clients trust Dommes to be skilled and knowledgeable and to give them a divine experience, while Dommes need to trust that clients are honest and will communicate and will bring their full selves to a session. BDSM whether with a client or a long term partner requires trust. So when booking a session with Me be honest with yourself in terms of your kinks and desires but also about what you can actual handle. If you think what you express to Me as your fantasy is the weirdest or most extreme idea or feeling ever, it isn’t. I have heard and seen way more than your little brain can imagine. Now don’t get Me wrong if you haven’t tried a certain kink and are unsure then of course you won’t know – but do communicate that. Don’t say you can handle a medium to severe corporal punishment scene because you enjoy playing with your little clit to FemDomme porn but have never actually felt the leather from a crop. It won’t end well for either of U/us. As amazingly talented Pro Dommes are We unfortunately don’t have the ability to read minds. We can read body language, anticipate, predict and prepare but you would be hard pressed to read your mind.

So potential clients do yourself and Me a favour … read the website and keep all that info in that brain of yours. But also communicate and don’t lie! Don’t tell Me your life story, but do go into detail about your kinks, what you will and will not do, what you have experienced in the past, what you fantasize about and what you can not tolerate or don’t know whether you can tolerate. It will only benefit you in the end because it benefits Me. And when I am happy then you will truly enjoy our time together.

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