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My lesbian lover Fraeulein K. Are you ready to be lesbian cuckolded?

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Lady valeska in latex with Fraeulein K in latex in a bathtub posing two London Mistresses

you hear the moist smacking of lips touching each other, combined with barely audible feminine moans. your ears perk up and you are curious to find out what is going on in the other room. As if you were compelled, you crawl on your knees ever so quietly so you aren’t noticed. But you must find out where those erotic sounds are coming from.

Once you reach the bedroom you see Lady Valeska and Fraeulein K. caressing softly, tenderly and time instantly stops while you are drawn into Their sexual tension and connection. Lady Valeska slowly pushes her hands down the hips of Fraeulein K. until she reaches the fullness of Her ass. With both hands Lady Valeska grabs Fraeulein K.’s ass and gently lifts her in the air while simultaneously tilting Her down on her back. Fraeulein K. gives a gentle laugh and grabs Lady Valeska’s face and kisses Her forcefully, yet passionately.

Suddenly out of the corner of Her eye Fraeulein K. notices you lurking. They look at each other and instinctively both Women get off the bed and approach you; you are at a loss for words. Stunned and unable to move you await the consequences of being where you shouldn’t, yet also yearn to be.

‘Shall We show him how to properly fuck a Woman since he seems so curious?’ Lady Valeska says.

‘he likely doesn’t even know how to use that appendage of his. So PATHETIC.’ Responds Fraeulein K.

They pull you up by both your arms to a standing position. Each wrist is then cuffed and clipped to a chain above your head. You are now standing in front of the bed that moments before you were watching an erotic act so adoringly.

Lady Valeska and Fraeulein K. then return to the bed. Fraeulein K. gets on her hands and knees while Lady Valeska comes behind Her. She then grabs Fraeulein K. hips, looks you directly in the eye and says … ‘This is how you please a Woman!’

What happens NEXT? Does this make your dick twitch? I know it does! Be sure to book your Lesbian cuckolding session with Lady Valeska and Fraeulein K. and experience how inadequate you really are.

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  1. David says:

    That short story certainly works for me. Beautiful.

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