London Mistress relaxing in BDSM play space


i first met Lady Valeska a year ago. i had always had the urge to explore my submissive fantasies but for years i failed to act on them. Eventually i built up the courage to book a session.

After a few emails W/we agreed to meet for consultation/coffee. Her statuesque figure and confidence filled the room. Initially slightly intimidated by Her presence i was struck by how friendly and welcoming She was as we talked. i could tell She had a genuine passion for BDSM and was relishing plotting ideas.

i nervously went to our first session. i was worried it would feel awkward but before i knew it i was kneeling naked at Her feet. Although i knew i was submissive i was still trying to understand myself. O/our first session was filled trying a myriad of fetishes, see what resonated. From the initial long list we tried pet play, impact play and latex bondage and I knew I wanted more.

In the following session W/we explored further, trying new kinks and delving deeper into things W/we had done before. Activities such as foot worship, smoking and face sitting. As W/we explored i began to understand what i liked. Lady Valeska started to get inside my mind and work out what made me tick.

As i became more confident i felt able to open up about some of my more repressed thoughts, exploring watersports and breath play. Lady Valeska helped me to understand not to be ashamed, let go and embrace the moment.

Some things came naturally and immediately hit my sweet spot. Others took time as my body learned to take what it desired such as impact play and pegging. Lady Valeska slowly reintroduced these activities gradually building up my tolerance over multiple sessions. As much as endurance, i realized the importance of trust in pushing myself. The more i learned to trust Lady Valeska the more i was able to achieve what i wished for.

i have had the pleasure at serving at several different locations. Each one having their own special character creating a different mood for the session. From the chilling atmosphere of an industrial dungeon, the intimacy of Lady Valeska own domestic dungeon. Each of them with a mind boggling collection of toys.

As the year went on i earned the privilege of attend multiple events with Lady Valeska. The first was to a rubber party. Both dressed in full latex W/we went to the club. It was exhilarating to attend event with like minded individuals all of whom where also dressed in latex. Some of the outfits were incredible. It was cathartic to be my true self around others. i have also had the honour of serving at a FemDom High Tea with Lady Valeska and other Dommes. It was a high protocol event with high standard but Lady Valeska had to taught me well. W/we also have plans a trip to see a play in the near future for some surreptitious public play.

Over the course of the year my connection with Lady Valeska has grown. The session have become more relaxed and instinctual. Play feels like a mutual and natural exploration of BDSM. Outside of the sessions W/we have built a rapport reflecting on both kink and the wider world. i knew O/our relationship would build over time but i didn’t realise how deep the bond would become.

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