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Year in Review by London Mistress Lady Valeska

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I completely understand the heavy negativity that 2020 has brought us with Covid-19 pandemic. It has been debilitating for many and has affected us greatly throughout the year and will continue to do so throughout 2021 and beyond. That being said 2020 has been a huge gift for Me as I have done incredible things for My brand Lady Valeska as one of the top London Mistresses. 

Pre pandemic I had traveled to California to be part of the Sissy Manor event as well as went to Kologne to film with Mistress Patricia and Kinky Mistresses. Both of which were goals, as well as accomplishments, of Mine and were so much fun. Nonetheless the pandemic and lockdown ensued and I took the time that I (we) had been handed and worked on My Mistress brand. That being said, I definitely grieved, and am still grieving, the lack of real time sessions which are My love.

Latex Mistress Legs

It is a very competitive market as a London Mistress and I took this time to do ALL THE THINGS that I had put off due to not ‘having enough time’. During 2020 I started many new things for Lady Valeska. I now have a monthly newsletter that I write to those that are interested in what their Mistress has accomplished during the past month. Along with Clips4Sale and iwantclips clipstores, I have now started selling clips on xhamster as well as Pornhub. I also now have the option to stream all My clips on clips4sale for a low monthly price. I luckily did a lot of filming for My clipstores before the pandemic hit and was able to film during the periods of time when lockdown was eased, so I add to My clipstores very regularly.

I now have a large variety of merchandise that can be purchased to deepen your servitude to your Mistress as well as to show that you are part of My Latex Legion. The merchandise can be purchased through RedBubble, why not peruse and find something for yourself? I also started a Facebook page so be sure to head over and Follow and Like, so that you can support your Mistress. 

I also did a huge overhaul on My website, now with dedicated pages of what your Mistress’s top 4 specialties are (latex, strap-on play, corporal punishment and domestic service). As well as a dedicated Online Dominatrix page to lay out all the ways you can serve your Mistress online. Along with the mentioned dedicated pages I also have been putting a lot of work into blogging, actually something I never thought I would enjoy, but am learning to appreciate the outlet it gives Me.

The biggest change for Me has been My focus on online domination and My membership sites. I now put so much energy, time and commitment into My OnlyFans and AVNStars. Basically any time I would have put into My real time sessions is now on My membership sites. It has been a very interesting transition for Me. I started it by dragging My heels, but now have really come to embrace it all. I have such lovely dynamics now with My subscribers and it is a great motivation to create sexy rubbery content. I actually just recently started a free OnlyFans page as we shall see what that brings Me in 2021, if you haven’t already be sure to check them all out. 

This year has further developed My relationships with fellow London Mistresses as well as submissives, whether it be filming subs or clients. It is very important to Me as even though it has been 2.5 years since I have moved to London, I am still needing to carve out My place in London and have a strong network of people that I trust and who trust Me. The people that I have come across in London have truly been a breath of fresh air. The support and friendships I have gained with fellow Mistresses has truly boggled My mind and I will be eternally grateful for them. That being said I sadly had to say goodbye to My wife Fraeulein K as she moved back to Germany for health reasons, but we still maintain Our relationship the best we can under the circumstances.


Kink aside, I have also taken the opportunity to travel and explore more of England since I am not able to explore other countries. Oh how I long to be on a plane! My wanderlust is incredibly strong right now! I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I have been on a plane, completely unheard of for Me as I travel so often. It has been so lovely to hike around England with My dogs, it is good for my mental and physical health and the dogs love it. I also took this time to go back to therapy, mental health is extremely important and something that a large number of us ignore. As a society we have generally forgotten to listen and be in touch with our bodies, so this is something I am and will continue to work on. I have also taken to cycling to get about the city, this is a novelty for Me as I never used to cycle, I was solely a driver. But it is now how I get around, who knew?! 

I truly have seen 2020 as a gift, it may not have been the gift that I wanted, but it is the gift I (we) needed. The work I have done has set Me up beautifully for 2021 and I am sure Lady Valeska will be even more of the rubber powerhouse that She was in previous years and I look forward to seeing what will be in store for your Mistress. I am thankful to all My submissives that are in My life. The ones that enrich, support and serve their Mistress well, you know who you are and I appreciate you. 


Sending whip kisses xxxx


Lady Valeska

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