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Ode to the Female Submissive

Nov 10, 2023
By Lady Valeska

Unfortunately even in the FemDom world that tries to preach anti-patriarchal views, male submissives are the focus. Overall I do understand this, as men consume pornography much more than women and pornography is how most…

Eight Years as Lady Valeska

Apr 4, 2023
By Lady Valeska

I am now at the point in my career that I have spent more than half of it as a London Mistress rather than a Toronto Mistress, which feels … interesting. I still feel quite…

Latex Play Party

Oct 28, 2022
By Lady Valeska

Ms Hayley Bond and Lady Valeska have joined up again to offer latex fetishists a unique latex play party that isn’t being offered anywhere else in London. We did this party three years ago and…

Kinky Dynamics

Jan 14, 2022
By Lady Valeska

With the new year here it is a great time to reflect on our past as well as make some goals for what is to come. Last month I did a review of my 2021…

Return to Sessions

Jun 28, 2020
By Lady Valeska

It is the time that you all have been waiting for, I am now taking real time sessions again! I am so excited to get back to My true love of playing and having fun…

Wanderlust and Kink

May 11, 2020
By Lady Valeska

Two things going on in My life have led Me to write this blog. A couple days ago it was My two year anniversary of My move to London from Toronto and secondly, with Covid-19…

Easter Sin

Apr 6, 2019
By Lady Valeska

Fraulein K and I have organized Our first Double Domme event and will be holding it all day on April 20th! We will be hosting during the Easter weekend to give you a chance to get away…

My Love for Cock Sucking Sluts

Feb 9, 2019
By Lady Valeska

Will you suck Mistress Valeska's cock passionately and deeply? Or will your under-worked gag reflex prevent you from satisfying Me? How about that little voice in your head telling you what a naughty slut you…

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