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The Beginning of a New Chapter in My Life – London

May 13, 2018/ Lady Valeska/ in: FemDom/ with no comments

After living My whole life in Canada I decided to sell most of My belongings, My condo, My car and pack up Myself and My dogs and move to London, England. The decision to move was for personal and professional reasons, but mainly to take on a new adventure and start a new chapter in My life. London is a beautiful, kinky city and I will grab it by the balls!

I started My Pro Domme career at the Ritual Chamber with Headmistress Shahrazad. She was gracious to invite Me to join Her and the other Women that were part of the dungeon. After a year there I decided to venture on My own and work independently. During that time as an independent I was able to refine My craft as well as define My uniqueness and become more comfortable in My latex skin, with My kinks, as well what I can offer clients/submissives that I chose to session with. I was able to work at different dungeons and get a true feel for what inspires Me and what I covet for in a play space as well as type of clientele. Months before My departure from Toronto I was lucky enough to form a fruitful relationship with Lady Azelle and was able to work out of her dungeon at Studio Ludus, and again, with a lovely team of Women.

Reflecting on My time in Toronto I established solid relationships with regular clients and fellow Pro Dommes that I will miss. The Pro Dommes in Toronto are truly a great group of Women. Supportive and enthusiastic and They define Sisterhood. They will definitely be missed and am thankful for them and what I learnt from and with them. And to ALL My Toronto clients … thank you for your submission, from the one-timers to the frequent-flyers.  I would also like to acknowledge all the lovely kinksters (tops and bottoms alike) at the local fetish events. There isn’t enough that I could say about the Toronto kink scene. We are family and My play partners and friends will always hold a dear place in My heart.

One important inclusion I would like to make to this blog is My gratitude to My submissive cf. Though our relationship developed too soon before My departure I will be ever thankful for the aid and support you gave Me during the transitional time in My life.

Now having just recently moved to London I am confident I will have the same success as I did in Toronto. The people of London are known for their love of kink and their extreme fetishes, which sounds like the perfect city to Me! I am determined to not only explore more of London’s fetish scene and get to meet fellow kinksters (with slaves on My leash), but also other European fetish events that are so coveted by North America. While in London I am confident that My love of latex will be further explored and developed personally, as well as professionally with My clients/submissives. It is an exciting time for Me and I look forward to establishing relationships with London’s Pro Dommes as well as clients/submissives. London kinksters be sure to say hi or book a session with Me and be part of My journey as I start My new life chapter in London as one of Londons premier Mistresses.

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