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Your Tattooed Mistress Laid Bare

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Tattoos in My world of kink and fetish

Since I’ve had a lot of interest in My aesthetic and what inspires it, I thought it was time to share some of its background story. As fellow fans will recognize, I’m a goth chick – heart, body and soul – who identifies with all of its sub-culture – I’m inextricably drawn by the intensity of its vampy fashion and style, its musical genres and the underbelly of its depravity! There’s a seamless blending between My core tastes and My world of kink and fetish. In fact, I aspire to become one of the world’s most famous tattooed Mistresses! Click here to know more.

My style speaks volumes about who I am, and I truly adore the living memory I have created of some of life’s cornerstone moments through My tattoos. I’m a highly-drawn Lady, and MY status as a premiere tattooed Mistress attracts both curiosity and cachet within my profession.

Let Me illuminate by sharing My answers to these questions a friend recently posed me:

Q: Tell me about your first tattoo

I got My first tattoo about 14 years back. A close friend wanted to commemorate the death of her beloved mom and decided upon a rose, so I decided to support her and had Mine done on My hip.

Q: So are all of your tattoos significant in meaning?

At the outset, it was essential to Me that they represented something specific, but I would say MY perspective has evolved as I have as a person. It’s like walking into a Hall of Mirrors at a funfair; they reflect different accents of My persona. These days, I’m more likely to be motivated and drawn in by the artistic aesthetics of the creative, well-executed design.

Q: Do you have a favourite artist/style?

I experimented with a couple of different tattoo artists at the beginning. When I was living in Canada, I was lucky enough to discover one that I loved in Toronto who did the majority of My tattoos. Now that I’m based in London, it’s exciting to have recently found an artist here that I am really happy with and I intend to add to My tattoo story in the near future. As you can deduce from My photos, style-wise, I prefer black and white, with a slight bit of colour.

The Kink Beneath the Ink

You follow Me mesmerized by My dark story
as your eyes play over a tapestry of ink…

Tattoeed Mistress

You pay homage to MY dark in all its nuance from
sultry dusk to midnight black…


I blur the lines between fantasy and reality
because I love and live My darkness…


A slave’s testimonial: my search for a dominant goth chick

I am an avid fan of all things goth, a long-term submissive, and a passionate fan of inked women. I was beginning to give up on my search for a Dominatrix that fulfilled my desire to serve a like-minded goth chick. Or at least an alpha female that understood the sub-culture I have been entrenched in since my early teens.

As soon as I came across Lady Valeska’s website, I knew I had found THE ONE, not only a tattooed Mistress to admire and (hopefully) worship but a beautiful woman with as much interest in the goth scene as me! She represents all of my wildest dreams in a tattooed Mistress – statuesque with cool, haughty beauty, long legs, gorgeous tattoos and a signature hairstyle that sets Her apart from the rest.

When I finally got to meet an incredible, tattooed Mistress: Lady Valeska

Initially, we had a preliminary discussion and owing to lock-down, an online/virtual session. She skillfully extracted my particular whims – it felt so authentic. I could tell that she “got me”. By the time of the real-life session at Her Kink Haven, I was feeling reassured, excited, and yes, a bit overwhelmed by my good fortune to have been allowed to book time in Her actual service! Be warned fellow submissives; this is a professional Mistress. Lady Valeska will demand and expect high levels of a protocol to be followed as a priority.

The day arrived and I’m preparing myself for the best and the worst (I love it really). Knowing that She has a collection of fantastic fetish boots, I was keen to gift Her another pair of Her choice and benefit by experiencing the christening of these beauties myself. As well as being a ladies shoe addict, I adore foot worship as I have a serious foot fetish. The idea of being at Her feet, marvelling at Her long legs clad in the skyscraper heels. And the subsequent bonus of seeing Her foot tattoos just set my heart racing.

Lady Valeska greeted me, dressed in transparent latex. I remember feeling a rush of euphoria. Is there anything more intoxicating than a cascade of inky artwork gleaming through the shiny skin of polished latex? Aside from the boots of course… They hugged the contours of Her endless legs and made Her even taller than Her 6 ft self. This made me feel even more under Her control. Our time together is private for me but seemed to go by in a blissful flash; suffice to say after trying the best, I’m going to be going back for more.

Does reading this testimonial make you feel like you should probably do something about your desire to serve, too? It does? Well, My Kinks and Interests page should be your next port of call.

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