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Session Specials!

I am very excited to announce that I am now offering Session Specials! This is a new venture for me and I am hoping that you will enjoy the three different specials and that you can take advantage of each one! The first is my Vac Bed Special. This special caters to two different types of people. It would be good for someone that is interested in trying out a vac bed for the first time or for someone that is just craving being fully encased, played with and nothing else. The special is for an hour and at a discounted rate of £200. Be sure to include discount code VACBED in your contact form when booking. There would be no other play involved within that time, the time would solely be dedicated to vac bed play. For the newbie to vac bed play I would gradually introduce you to the wonderful sensations of a vac bed and this would allow you the time to lay there and just enjoy the whole experience with my expertise guiding you the whole way. Alternatively, for the more experienced vac bed player, I know you just crave getting into two layers of tight latex, being immobilized and to be played with. This is your opportunity to do so, just me, you and latex and no other distractions. Could you think of a more devine time?

Vac Bed Latex Mistress

The second special is my Domestic Service Special. It caters to someone that is looking to experience service as well as play in my chambers and get a taste of what it is like to be my domestic slave, but are not able to commit to a full day, week or lifetime. This special is for 90 min and at a discounted rate of £250; include discount code DOM in your contact form when booking. During this time you will perform tasks that I require done around my chambers, and also get some play time with me based on what your kinks are. Do be aware that no strap-on play will happen during this time, but all other play is allowed. This is your opportunity for proper domestic training to be the best submissive you can be for your Mistress, an opportunity not to be missed.

The last special that I am now offering is my Foot Worship Special. This caters to those foot fetishists that are looking for nothing but worship/play involving my large tattooed feet for one hour at a discounted rate of £175. Be certain to include discount code FOOT in your contact form when booking. I keep my feet pedicured and smooth, however I don’t guarantee that they will always be painted when you book. If they aren’t painted and you want my toenails painted an extra £25 would need to be added. However, if you love the naked look then my toes are just perfect for you. I am open to most forms of foot play and simply adore them being worshipped, bonus points for those of you with good massage skills. Get your nose, lips and tongue ready because you are going to be using them all! 


If any or all of these specials interest you then be sure to head over to my contact form to book, do know that applicable codes must be included in my contact form. As always, a deposit is required and 24 hours notice needed for every booking. I look forward to playing with you soon.

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  1. Ianmcdonald519 says:

    I am interested in facesitting, domination, chest sitting, breathplay for 90 minutes?
    Perhaps vac bed where you sit astride me?
    Do you offer this service

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