A lot of us have an exhibitionist side, myself included. It is very exciting to know that people are watching me do the kinky things that I love to do, but there is an added element of indulgence when you have the lights on you and a camera person taking in all that is happening. Admit it, you love it, no shame required, embrace it.

So you want to take the plunge and be in a fetish clip? Fulfil a lifelong dream to be recorded or to be in a film with one of your favourite Dominatrixes.

Many have this dream, but also many don’t know how to approach the situation properly and respectfully in order to make it happen. If you are unknown to me don’t simply email me and let me know you want to film, that isn’t helpful as I don’t keep a list of film submissives that I have never met before. I prefer to work with submissives that I have as clients or people I know, but am open to working with new people if the application is done correctly. Consider it a kinky interview with a Dominatrix.

This is not an opportunity to get a discounted session with a Dominatrix, if you are doing it for this reason, then you are not someone that I want to work with. You need to bring something to the proverbial table, something that makes the clip as good as it can be. Now that being said don’t feel you need to be an extremely experienced submissive in order to apply, but if you come in with the mentality of just wanting to cum rather than create, I can tell from a mile away. Everyone has a skill, something that they can offer, honour that and be the best submissive you can be, while also tickling your exhibitionist side.

When you apply to be a submissive of Lady Valeska, you need to give me information about yourself, your kinks and experience. I have a dedicated film submissive form that you must complete and can be found here. These details are vital for me to see if we are compatible (which is a must so that we create good clips for others to enjoy) as well as for me to plan what clips we can create. Be sure to be truthful and realistic. Don’t say you can take large strap ons or CBT when you haven’t had anal sex in a year and can only take a couple slaps to the balls. For one you are lying, and two, you end up putting me in a situation where we can’t create what is planned, and what will sell in a clipstore As this is ultimately what the goal is, for me to sell good clips! The submissives that I use in clips I consider as part of my team.

A small tribute is required in order to be able to film, this is done for a number of reasons, but mainly to weed out time wasters. And most important of all is ID/model release forms. With the new(ish) rules that credit card companies have implemented, ID/model release forms are 100% required for all platforms where clips are sold. It is a non negotiable, regardless if your face is covered or not in the clip. If you aren’t comfortable with doing this then simply don’t apply. You can be masked during the filming of the clip to hide your identity if you so choose. It is particularly good for my clips that require latex hoods or gas masks. I do also find that most sissys are fine with their face showing once they are all done up in their makeup, wig and clothing.

If you are selected for the day of filming, come prepared; bring what equipment or clothing you have, if you are doing anal play be sure to have an enema before hand and shave all your bits. Honestly, just use common sense. As a film slave you are here to do a job, to serve your Mistress and create content for her clipstore. You aren’t there to have a session. If things go well I may ask you back again! I LOVE to create content with fellow perverted exhibitionists and when a good connection is there the content created is so much better and sells well. Which makes Mistress very happy, and you want Mistress to be happy don’t you?