Lady Valeska

my Second Year with Lady Valeska – A year Like No Other

It feels like a lifetime ago, in more ways than one, i was in a busy theatre with Lady Valeska watching a play, it was however only one year ago, and W/we were there to celebrate our first year anniversary. It was a time to relax from the more intense sessions W/we had previously been having. Of course Lady Valeska still expected protocols to be followed. As i was still new to serving in public, my duties were relatively modest but still required a lot of courage to perform them. i grew in confidence as the evening continued and even felt able to wear my collar by the end.

Things were going well and after another fun session, I had started planning for a special birthday treat for myself. Building on the relationship over the last year.

Then COVID hit.

In the first few weeks everything was up in the air.  Not just my relationship with Lady Valeska but like everyone what it all meant for “normal” life.  Lady Valeska was very understanding and happy to postpone O/our next session indefinitely and was willing to wait until things settled down before we agreed what to do next.

The break seemed to happen at a critical point. While O/our relationship had developed over the first year it was not clear how it would cope with a separation of several months or as it turned out (given a short reprieve in the summer) over a year.

After things had started to settle down I asked Lady Valeska if W/we could continue O/our training via email. W/we discussed various options as to what would work best. She then sent through a very detailed set of instructions with several tasks to be completed at specific times. This was not just a few ad hoc pleasurable “tasks”, She was totally taking control of my day. And as i have found out to my cost, She expects everything to be done to the minute and there are consequences if i am late.

Although completing all the tasks required a lot of effort it was very rewarding. To be honest i have always struggled to have the discipline to apply structure to my life. This was doubly true in the early stages of lockdown when there was very little to do socially. Lady Valeska task had provided that structure and after each set of tasks i came back for more.

One thing i had wanted to focus on was stretching myself. i had always found the fantasy of being pegged to be incredibly hot and the more invasive and humiliating the penetration the better. However i have found the reality to be difficult finding even a small dildo uncomfortable.

While i could not be pegged during lockdown i could use the time as an opportunity to train for next time. Previously i had used a 5” circumference plug but i did not use it regularly and got lazy and stepped down to a smaller plug. Lady Valeska changed that, setting me a routine and pushing me to go further. i has stepped up to a 6.25” and then to 7.5”. Lady Valeska is however pushing me to go further and one day i will reach my goal to take Her fist.

What Lady Valeska wanted to focus on was chastity. Initially W/we used a code system but we moved to use a timer lock so Lady Valeska could be sure the keys were safe. W/we had started on a week on week off basis but Lady Valeska has increased the length of the sentence recently.

High Heels Rubber Hood

Gradually as COVID cases started to fall and the world began to open up. i was able to session with Lady Valeska again. W/we picked up where W/we had left off with (a very belated) birthday session. i have fantasies about being locked away in sensory deprivation however it has been difficult to find the space to incorporate into O/our regular 2 hour sessions. This time however W/we had a 6 hour marathon session there was plenty of time to feel properly isolated. Lady Valeska locked me away wrapped up in bondage tape so i couldn’t move in and in a blindfold hood. To juxtapose the visual deprivation She then proceeded to piss on me and leave me to wallow in Her smell. The session was so intense!

W/we managed to squeeze in another regular session however by then the COVID situation took a turn for the worst again. Although i wish i had made more of the summer, the next lockdown didn’t seem so bad now that O/our relationship had been strengthened by the last 6 months of training and we had found O/our routines. By now Lady Valeska was preparing timetables of what to do and when exactly to do it.

One thing W/we both enjoy is baking or to be specific me baking and She eating the results. It is a pleasure to  serve Lady Valeaska and to share in my hobby. Sending things to Her somehow brings a physical connection even though we are apart.

Another thing Mistress Lady Valeska has encouraged is my love of latex. Over the year i have acquired several new pieces. i sometimes have a tendency to be too sensible and put off buying latex and toys as not being priorities, however Lady Valeska has encouraged me to indulge. Also, although i love latex, preparing it and washing it can be a chore so i often end up not bothering. Again Lady Valeska got me out of my lazy ways to enjoy myself.

Lady Valeska has also increased Her online presence providing more ways of interact. i subscribe to Her OnlyFans which She updates daily. She also shares specific OnlyFans tasks to add to my busy servitude schedule. The list of videos on Her clipstore is ever increasing;  i always thought i had  a perverted mind, until i saw Her content and realised Her mind was so much kinkier than i can imagine. 

2020 rolled into 2021 and the lockdown goes on but Lady Valeska continues to provide routine, discipline and a light in the darkness. Every week comes more tasks and a week closer until we can meet again. This year has been completely different from what i imagined at the start. To be honest if i knew this at the beginning i would have looked forward in frustration. However, O/our relationship has grown so much this year. As have i. i have learned that O/our relationship is more than a monthly session, that mental domination is far more controlling than physical domination and that by working hard (and following instructions) you can make a relationship closer together even when you are far apart. 

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