Lady Valeska

Mistress, how do i clean my ass?

You decide you are going to watch a FemDom porn, what is all the hype about and why on Earth would someone want to put something up their ass? So you take a look. Holy shit! You get so lascivious, it just overwhelms you and you stroke your cock watching the man getting fucked in the ass by a woman. It is official, you are hooked, and now you just HAVE to experience it! You do your research and you decide to book a pegging session with Me, Lady Valeska, but how do you prepare yourself for My cock? How do you get that asshole of yours squeaky clean?

Pegging Latex Dominatrix

There are very common concerns that new-to-pegging or haven’t-quite-got-the-right-technique clients of Mine have. It is completely understandable as that information isn’t widely known. I also am very open about the fact that I hate dealing with shit. Now don’t get Me wrong, it sometimes happens, but I want every action possible taken to not have to deal with it. With that statement I don’t want people to worry that no one will ever peg them if they don’t get the technique right for a clean asshole, that isn’t true. It is a learning process and things happen, I just prefer all measures to be attempted to be as clean as possible. This allows for both of us to have the best time we can possibly have. If you are confident that you are empty and clean you are going to relax more. Which in turn will relax your body more, opening up your asshole, which will allow Me to work My magic with My cock. And that is what we both want isn’t it? For your Mistress to fuck that hole of yours and make you into a puddle of a man.

Knowledge is power and you have all the tools here to use. Before coming for a pegging session with your Mistress read and follow the beautifully illustrated webpage It will fully equip you for our time together and we will both be thankful that you did. you are indulging in a luxurious perversion to come and serve your Mistress, treat it as such and take the time to prepare your body for Me.

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