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My First Latex Catsuit

I was introduced to latex very early into My ‘kink life’. Not sure I can say the exact moment that I had an ‘epiphany’ that latex was the thing for Me, but I do remember it being suggested to get a latex dress for Myself by a friend and that is what I did. I got a custom made dress (which sadly wasn’t well made), then bought old latex outfits from a friend and then tried ordering a bodysuit online (which tragically didn’t fit at all). But I did not despair! About 8 months after My first latex purchase I decided to take a proper plunge and get Myself a black catsuit. It catered to My kink of it being in black and I knew it would be sleak covering My whole body due to My history of dance and wearing costumes. No matter how many latex pieces you have in your collection, getting a new latex piece is always exciting. With it meticulously wrapped in tissue paper, excellent folding of the rubber, lightly dusted with powder and the most alluring smell! But when it is your very first catsuit there is definitely an added excitement. 

Latex Catsuit Dominatrix

I received My Libidex catsuit a day or two before Christmas, and unfortunately all the fetish events for the season had already happened. Where on Earth was I going to wear this amazing piece? At the time I didn’t play much at home in latex, as My partner wasn’t into latex so there wasn’t the incentive to get rubbery and play together. But one thing that I did have coming up was our Misfits Xmas party. I had a group of friends that would get together at Xmas with our chosen family. We were all fetishists but the party was vanilla, regardless the catsuit had to be worn! So I showed up to your Xmas party in My new catsuit and was in absolute heaven. It is great to be amongst fellow weirdos who accept you for who you are (if you don’t have this in your life then find new friends). 


Having never worn a catsuit before, and still pretty new to the whole ‘putting on latex’ thing. Adorning a catsuit is a different game! Once I was able to get into and do up the catsuit I knew that this would be the beginning of a wonderful relationship with rubber. I think there is an element of bringing Me back to a child and wearing onesie, or even just wearing whatever the fuck you want. Wearing latex feels like a lovely and gentle hug, but with wearing a catsuit you get that sensation even more so as it is felt with almost every inch of your whole body. You become your own pleasure superhero, so to speak. Every time I wear a latex catsuit it centers Me, calms Me and arouses Me all at the same time, it is magical.

Believe it or not I still actually have that catsuit, it has been to so many play parties around the world, been used in a plethora of client sessions and personal play time and has all the repairs to prove it! The poor item is only holding together because of all the repairs, I have ripped it pretty much everywhere. That catsuit taught Me how to look after latex and it is also representative of My journey with kink and My love for rubber and I just don’t have the heart to throw it away. 


I am curious, what are your latex stories? What do you appreciate about latex? What are your favourite items? I am so thankful that it is a prominent thing in My life and that I can choose to wear it whenever and wherever I want. It is such a great time that we live in that we are able to have an extensive selection of good quality latex items, toys and clothing to enjoy and partake in and I truly feel lucky. If you are interested in sharing your passion for latex with Me, or perhaps diving deeper into the rubber realm take a look at the latex sessions that I offer here


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